Valhalla VA903 Pool Cue

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Valhalla VA903 Pool Cue


    Hard Rock Maple Forearm/Sleeve
  • Stainless Steel Butt and Joint
  • Leather Wrap
  • HD Graphic Transfers
  • Blue Euro Stain
  • 5 Sets of White and Metal Rings
  • 5/16 x 18 Piloted Joint
  • Premium Tip


Behold Valhalla. A premium import 2 piece pool cue created by the engineers at Viking, Valhalla cues bring high-tech performance and killer style to a single, powerful tool. All Valhalla cues come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects, including warpage.


About Valhalla Joint Styles

Valhalla Cues may not be compatible with certain Non-Viking (aftermarket) products. Valhalla Cues use 5/16 x 18 Joint*

* With Exception, Valhalla VA705, Valhalla VA704, Valhalla VA703 piloted 5/16 x 80 QR Joint