Championship Titan Woolen Pool Table Cloth

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Championship Titan Woolen Pool Table Cloth


  • 21 oz. Durable fabric
Championship’s most durable home fabric.

Championship offers premium performance billiard fabrics at surprisingly affordable prices.
We offer a complete line of Worsted, Woolen and Specialty Fabrics in over 29 decorative colors.

Championship Fabrics stand up to hard commercial use, yet satisfy the most discriminating professional and amateur players.

Why are Championship fabrics the leading choice of the
Commercial, Coin-Op, Home and OEM markets?

Championship sets the pace for major innovations in billiard fabric. Our staff’s 342 years of
total experience with the game, the industry and its organizations makes the difference.

Highlights of Championship Value…

  • Complete Selection of Worsted and Woolen Fabrics with Pre-Cut Beds and Rails
  • Two Pieces of Matching Silver Cup Chalk With Every Pre-Cut
  • “Spots” Included With All Fabric Products
  • No Hidden Defects
  • Backed
  • Playing Surface Identified
  • No Seams in Backing
  • Soft Fold With Cut Beds and Rails