Cuetec Bullet 58-In. Two Piece Break Pool Cue

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Cuetec Bullet 58-In. Two Piece Break Cue

Cuetec Bullet 58-In. Two Piece Break Pool Cue


• 58” two piece break cue 
• 13 mm Tiger 5 layer hard cowhide leather tip 
• ¼” phenolic pad instead of a ferrule 
• Clear fiberglass over shaft; black fiberglass over butt 
• Super Slim Taper (S.S.T.) 
• 18 – 21 ounce weights 
• Stainless steel joint and butt cap 

The Cuetec Bullet Break Cue is a great cue to enhance your Break. The 13 mm Tiger 5 layer hard Cowhide leather tip with phenolic backing provide the firmness to break hard with confidence, maximize efficient energy transfer, and therefore achieving the desired results. The shaft portion is clear fiberglass with the Super Slim Taper and Tru-Glide finish bonded to Grade A North American Maple and is warp, dent, ding, and scratch resistant. The black fiberglass coated butt with a narrow profile makes this Break Cue more aerodynamically efficient allowing for a quicker stroke to reinforce the breaking power. The Bullet Break Cue comes in 18 – 21 ounce. Shaft also sold separately to fit easily and precisely on most regular Cuetec two piece cues. 

Material : Fiberglass, Maple
Length : 47"
Joints : Stainless Steel
Butt Wrap : Veltex

This break pool cue is an amazing addition to any billiard set.