Hainsworth Elite Pro - Bankers Grey Pool Table Cloth - PCLEP7BnkGry

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Hainsworth Elite Pro - Bankers Grey Pool Table Cloth - PCLEP7BnkGry

Hainsworth Elite Pro worsted pool cloth provides an exceptional professional playing experience combined with the benefit of 230 years’ worth of company experience in interiors, meaning you can choose a high speed cloth that fits into your home, your family and your personality perfectly. Hainsworth hold the Royal Warrant for providing interior fabrics to Royalty in England, this guarantee of quality cloth, combined with the knowledge of colour trends and home furnishings means that Hainsworth are the leaders in making your pool table a fitting part of your home and family. Don’t be fooled by the widest colour range of cloth on the market, Hainsworth Elite pro is a highly technical and innovative playing surface with a unique spill guard that was originally produced by Hainsworth to protect the emergency services against water and liquid based attack. The Hainsworth Spill Guard ensures that no liquids penetrate the cloth should accidental spillages occur around the table; these pool and can simply be wiped away with no damage to the cloth or playing surface with. The micro finish protects your table while ensuring that play continues with all the speed and excitement you want, it also ensures maximum durability of the cloth.


Protected by Hainsworth Spill Guard

Quality guaranteed by a Royal Warrant

Super smooth, super fast playing surface

Long lasting anti-pill finish