What to Consider when Buying a Pool Table?

What to Consider when Buying a Pool Table?

What to Consider when Buying a Pool Table?

Buying a pool table can be a challenging task. There are many factors that go into it, and it becomes difficult to know if you are making the right decision. For example, size, style, brand, and table quality are all characteristics that are valuable to consider in this purchase.

Table price in regards to your budget is another important element to consider. To make sure that you end up buying the correct item, it is recommended that you shop at a location with experts in the field that can guide you to the right table.


Make sure that the table’s play surface is genuine authentic slate, not a particle board or MDF play surface. Particle board and other play surface pool tables have very little stability in a room. These tables can bounce around while balls move from their place.

If a pool table does not have a genuine slate surface, you can guarantee that the overall quality of the table is lacking. These tables are also susceptible to warpage and other damage. 1 inch thick slate is the best, and ¾ inch thickness is the minimum.

Wood Quality

Again, the quality of the table is determined by its material. Solid wood is the ideal option, as it makes pool tables the most durable. The higher the wood percentage the better. The pool table should have locking support beams that run its full length. ¾ inch of supporting wood is a good minimum amount.


Knowing your room size is imperative when buying a pool table. Choosing the wrong size table can spell disaster, so it is important to measure your room before making a selection of the pool table size. Once the room is measured, you can compare your measurements to our room size requirement chart to make sure that you are getting the right size pool table for your room. For example, the Standard size of a pool table is 4' x 8', and a table of this size needs a room of 11'8" x 15'4" feet for adequate play area. If your room fits those requirements, an 8 Foot Table might be best for you.


Having professional installation from a certified billiard specialty installer for your pool table is crucial. These professional installers will know exactly how to setup your table without damaging it. To attempt to install it yourself or using a non-billiard specialty service could spell disaster. If you are lucky enough to avoid damage, there can still be play surface issues and improper felt-cushion placement.


Upon delivery you need to check the cushions to ensure that they are in good shape. Especially with a used table, cushions become stiff and unplayable over time. Having a table installed with dead cushions can spell a nightmare for your gameplay, as the balls will not behave properly on the table.

Research and Budget

There are many different kinds of pool tables available from cheap toy tables to luxurious antique tables, and these tables have a wide price range. It is highly recommended to find a billiard specialty store. These stores will offer higher quality tables and expert installation that you cannot find anywhere else.


Reviews are another important item to consider when buying your table. Positive reviews on a particular retailer or table can help save you from purchasing a low quality item or experiencing installation issues. Platforms like Yelp and Google+ will help you know which retailers are best, and which are to avoid. Reviews can be your saving grace when it comes to buying a pool table, as they can help you sort out quality products and services from a vast sea of offerings.

There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a pool table, and we have outlined some of the most important. When you are going to select a final choice, be sure to take these items into consideration, so that you end up with a pool table that you are proud of.

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